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4 things to consider before you buy Best Portable Oxygen Concentrator in India

So you are planning to buy the best portable oxygen concentrator in India. Hold on, read the following tips before you move any further with your plans.

Weight and Size: Portable oxygen concentrators are designed to fit conveniently into a carry bag or be towed by a roller cart, allowing patients to take it with them wherever they go.

There are various models of portable oxygen concentrators in India and each of them come in different sizes and weights. Since you have to carry the machine with you, even 200 grams of weight would make a difference. Therefore, along with other specifications, you must look for the concentrator which is the lightest and most compact.

FAA approval: The best thing about the portable concentrator is that it allows patients to carry on with their active lifestyle despite being on supplemental oxygen. If you are a travel-enthusiastic person then you must buy a concentrator that comes with FAA approval.

The approval by the Federal Aviation Administration ensures that the device is safe to be carried on the aeroplane. Yes, you can carry your portable oxygen concentrator even in an aeroplane if it has FAA approval.

You can check out the in-depth article on the best portable oxygen concentrator in India. All the concentrators mentioned in the list are FAA approved!

Battery Backup: Now comes the most important factor- the battery backup. A portable oxygen concentrator is a rechargeable battery-powered device. Depending upon the compressor of the device, each portable concentrator offers a different battery backup.

You must buy an oxygen concentrator that provides at least 4 hours of backup. Most of the brands give the option of buying an additional battery for the patients who spend most of the time outside their houses. You may plan to buy it according to your requirements.

Flow Mode: Pulse or Continuous: Depending upon the mode of dispensing oxygen, portable concentrator comes in two models:

 Pulse mode: All the portable oxygen concentrators are built with intelligent technology that only releases oxygen when the user inhales. This saves the battery of the device which would have otherwise gone wasted while supplying oxygen at the time of exhalation.

 Pulse and Continuous mode: There are few high-end portable concentrator models that supply oxygen in both continuous and pulse flow mode. When the machine is in continuous mode, it will dispense oxygen at the time of inhalation as well as exhalation.

A portable oxygen concentrator with both modes is suitable for patients with sleep apnea or who breathe through their mouths when they are asleep.

These are all the points that you need to consider while buying a portable oxygen concentrator. Do not forget to check out the list of the best portable oxygen concentrators in India if you are seriously looking forward to buying one.

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