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Decreasing sciatica pain effectively with physical therapy treatment

Pain erupting from sciatica comes from the nerve pain which radiates from the lower back to the whole length of the leg, specifically because of sciatic nerve compression. Many doctors can refer the patient to undergo surgical treatment for sciatica; however, it’s not a great option for everyone. Hence, the first line of treatment that can easily alleviate the symptoms is considered sciatica treatment and physical therapy in South Florida. This is a more beneficial way of treatment as the patient can avoid expensive and invasive surgery and, of course, the uncertainty of getting the desired outcome.

Although surgery can give you a quick fix, the result might not sustain in the long run, and you would seek further treatment for pain relief. Physical therapy for sciatica can help the patient grow stronger, and the result holds up longer due to the holistic approach taken by the therapist as per your condition. Here is what you can expect from physical therapy for sciatica.

The process of physical therapy treatment for sciatica

In your first appointment with the therapist, your medical history and lifestyle habits are reviewed, and you are asked what sciatica symptoms you experience. Your PT would perform some tests, such as an X-ray, MRI, EMG, CT scan, etc., to diagnose whether your pain is related to sciatica or not. If sciatica is diagnosed, you would be asked to perform some movements to evaluate your range of motion, posture, ability, etc.

Your therapist would next combine and craft therapies to customize a PT program for you. The active and passive therapy program is designed to achieve some realistic goals. They can include low back pain therapy and ankle sprain treatment physical therapy in South Florida for subsiding the pain, then include various stretches and exercises to achieve desired results after several weeks of therapy sessions. The individualized physical therapy passive treatment may include procedures like deep tissue massage, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS), hot and cold therapies, and ultrasound. Active PT treatment may include various therapeutic stretches to increase movement flexibility and range of motion and hydrotherapy for building and toning muscles.

Physical therapy for sciatica is extremely beneficial, especially for reducing inflammation, and pain, improving physical function and preventing recurring sciatica symptoms. The program for sciatica treatment physical therapy in South Florida can also let you learn the techniques on how to improve your posture. The patient can always try them as a home exercise program to improve their physical health in the long-term.

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