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How To Heal Your Brain After a TBI

If you or a loved one has sustained a traumatic brain injury that left lasting symptoms, you may feel hopeless about potential healing. In previous years, it was almost impossible to heal the brain after a TBI. That said, advancements in medicine and neurological research have revealed that recovery from a TBI is possible.

4 Steps to Recovery After TBI

Healing your brain after a TBI can be a long journey. The following is a four-step breakdown of the recovery process after a traumatic brain injury:

  1. Complete Rest

Immediately following a TBI, there are numerous things at play within your brain. The tissue will swell, and electrical currents will slow down. Blood flow is also altered as your brain’s chemistry changes.

During this sensitive time, your brain needs as much rest as possible to begin healing. The first step in your TBI recovery should be a complete break from all physicians and cognitive activity.

You must reduce mental strain by avoiding screens, limiting reading, problem-solving, and limiting all physical activity. This period of physical and cognitive rest should last at least 48 to 72 hours after your injury.

  1. Gradually Resume Activity

After about three to four days after your TBI, you should begin to resume certain activities slowly and gradually. These should be light activities with very little physical motion. Appropriate actions include reading, short increments of at-home work on the computer and watching minimal amounts of television.

If you feel up for it, you can try minor physical activities like walking across the room or lifting small objects. Make sure to watch for any worsening of your TBI symptoms during this period. If anything feels strange or uncomfortable, stop and reduce your activity. This period should last about one to two weeks, depending on the severity of your injury.

  1. Resume Exercise Little by Little

About two to three weeks after your TBI, you can start to increase your physical and mental activities. People with more minor injuries may be able to return to work during this period, while others can assume more strenuous activities around the home.

At this point, your focus should be increasing your physical exercise. You can begin walking on a treadmill if you feel up for it. When doing any type of exercise after a TBI, make sure to monitor heart rate and blood pressure carefully for anything out of the ordinary. If any of your TBI symptoms worsen with exercise, you will want to decrease your activity for a few days.

  1. Return to Normal Activities

Four to six weeks after a minor TBI, many people are able to resume their normal activities. These can include work, school, and exercise. As you return to your normal lifestyle, make sure to carefully monitor your condition and make note of any TBI symptoms that persist. Lingering TBI symptoms may require physical therapy or neurocognitive treatment.

Healing a Traumatic Brain Injury

Treating a traumatic brain injury will take patience and time. Additional approaches, such as regenerative medicine, also known as stem cell therapy, may help enhance the healing process in certain patients. Speak with your neurologist prior to starting any new treatment options for your TBI symptoms.

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