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Open soil versus pots- Where to grow cannabis

Marijuana growers can choose between indoor and outdoor environments to cultivate the weed. However, several growers prefer the outdoor space for their cultivations. Some of them like to sow marijuana seeds and plant seedlings into the ground. On the contrary, others think of using pots for their seedlings. Both these options have pros and cons. How will you choose the better one?

Using pots for outdoor marijuana cultivation- Know the merits

Easy to transport plants

The most notable fact is that you can easily transport plants while using pots. You will not get this advantage while you have planted marijuana directly into the soil.

For instance, you may move your marijuana plants to some sheltered sites to save them from adverse weather conditions. Stormy weather, continuous rainfall, and hailstones may be disastrous to your plants. To protect them from these weather elements, you can shift your pots.

Similarly, when the natural light during the daytime is not much intense, you can place your plants under artificial lights. The right amount of light will ensure a faster flowering and better harvest.

Gain more control over the plant’s growth

Control the marijuana plant size and growth rate by choosing pots for cultivation. When you like to maintain confidentiality about your marijuana growth, you can rely on pots.

Some plants of Sativa strains can cross the height of 2 meters. Your neighbors can easily notice them. As you have planted marijuana in a pot, it will limit vegetative growth. The plant roots will not get space to grow continuously.

Maintain uniformity of soil

You can prevent the blend of a different type of soil while growing marijuana. Moreover, there is a minimal risk of bacteria and pests for marijuana planted on pots.

Demerits of choosing pots

  • Pots can restrict the growth of your marijuana plants. You will not have large plants.
  • Plants in pots need highly meticulous maintenance. You need to water them regularly.

Outdoor cannabis cultivation in open soil- Know advantages

Easy to absorb nutrients

Marijuana seedlings in open soil will easily get moisture and nutrients. Roots can grow downward without any restriction.  You will find better yield, as the plants will have the right amount of nutrients.

Reduce your cultivation cost

You will save money for purchasing pots. To manage several transplants, you do not need to buy more pots. That is why amateur growers like the open ground for marijuana cultivation.

Disadvantages of choosing the open soil for marijuana plants

  • You cannot transport your plants to a different place. Theft may be a concern about your marijuana plants grown outdoor. Moreover, adverse weather can damage your plants at any time.
  • As your plants are not transportable, you cannot always ensure the right amount of light and darkness.
  • There may be inconsistencies in the pH level and nutrients of the soil.

Have you already bought marijuana seeds Canada? You can now analyze both the options for growing the weed outdoor. Try to make the right decision on your marijuana cultivation.

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