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Steps for Drug Discovery and Development Process

What do you think? How much time does the latest Biopharma Drug Discovery take to get approved? It usually takes 15 to 16 years which means 1/3rd of the whole professional career for anyone. Are you thinking about how much investment we need to bring the new drug to the market? More than a million that’s equivalent to employing more than 800 employees at the annual remuneration of 100k for 16 years.

Let’s make it easy; permitting the latest drug is a huge undertaking. Selecting the right partners, who prioritize in sync with you and concentrate on high quality and speedy turnaround, goes a long way in avoiding missteps and moving your drug progress to success.

Discovery & Development

So Biopharma Drug Discovery is how the latest medications are discovered. In past years drugs were found by identifying active ingredients from orthodox medicine or purely by chance; after that, classical pharmacology was used to investigate chemical libraries, including tiny molecular, natural products and find those with therapeutic effects.

But when human DNA was sequenced, reverse pharmacology has found remedies to existing diseases through testing. In today’s times, drug discovery includes screening hits, medicinal chemistry, and optimization to decrease potential drug side effects.

Preclinical Research

When the main compound is found, drug development starts with preclinical research to decide the success and safety of the drug. Researchers determine the following things about the drugs:

  1. Absorption benefits, metabolization and excretion information
  2. Potential benefits and mechanisms of action
  3. Better dosage and administration route
  4. Adverse effects
  5. Effects on sex, race, ethnicity groups
  6. Interaction with other treatments
  7. Compared to other similar drugs to see the effectiveness
Clinical Development

The clinical development is carried out when answers are required for questions regarding the safety, efficiency, and efficacy of the drugs, vaccines, other medications and therapies associated with the newly developed measures of treatment to be introduced in the market.

When it comes to clinical development and research, there are specific protocols followed with the studies designed precisely for a particular experiment by the researcher or investigation or, for that matter, the manufacturer.

With the developers designing the study and having different associated processes, clinical trials are carried out before the drug is set out to develop or fulfil any research objectives.

The clinical development has the below phases to ensure the safety and efficacy of a specific Biopharma Drug Discovery:

  • Phase 0 – Clinical Trial
  • Phase 1 – Safety and Dosage
  • Phase 2 – Efficacy and Side Effects
  • Phase 3 – Efficiency and Adverse Drug Reactions Monitoring
  • Phase 4 – Post Market Drug Safety Monitoring
FDA Review

Once an NDA is obtained, a review is carried out with the FDA once the procedure above. This review lasts up to 10 months for the NDA to be approved. If the FDA by any chance obtains an incomplete NDA, they have the right to refuse it.

With the FDA approving a certain drug, the proposed purpose has been revealed to be true with its safety and efficacy in check. With the development later taken into action, some situations need to be dealt with later as marketing.

● Post-Market Monitoring

Once the FDA has fully approved the drug, there are stages where the safety and lifespan of the drug are illustrated, thereby determining its report in the market by the FDA after a strict surveillance and pharmacovigilance support.

Such FDA review reports on the drugs can decide to add precautions to drugs and guide the dosage or information, which assists one with the drug reactions.

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