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Teeth Whitening, Teeth Whitening Cost

Several people neglect the teeth cleaning activities that causing several oral health problems. Yellowish teeth or discoloration of the teeth is one of the common aspects observed in this case. It is also observed that a person can get yellowish teeth or teeth discoloration despite following proper oral hygiene. Whatever the reason is, the yellowish teeth or teeth discoloration is not good for a person. It causes several problems for the person which affects their self-confidence too. If you want to get rid of yellowish teeth or teeth discoloration then teeth whitening treatment can help you to achieve it. Teeth whitening can also make your teeth whiter with a nice brightness on them.

Why teeth whitening are necessary?

The enamel layer present on the teeth surface is responsible for making it look whiter and bright. However, the bacteria from the food we eat erodes the enamel that makes the teeth look yellowish. Over the period, there is also a development of stains on the teeth. The yellowish teeth or discoloured teeth have several effects on a person like feeling shy to smile or speak, low self-esteem, the possibility of more aggravating discoloration of the teeth, etc. So, whiter and brighter teeth can bring the required confidence in an individual, they can smile freely, and the person can also boost up their self-esteem.

What are the methods for teeth cleaning?

The two majorly used teeth cleaning methods are Scaling and Polishing.


The development of calculus and plaque are mostly responsible for making the teeth yellowish or discoloured. The hardened tartar is loosened with the tartar during the scaling through the vibrations. After that, the water spray is used for washing the teeth that making it whiter. During the scaling process, a very high buzzing sound is generated. Scaling is done cautiously between the areas between the gums and teeth as there is the possibility of instruments touching the gums. The scaling process is found to be effective in removing the tartar and plaque layer from the teeth surface.


Polishing is usually done after the completion of the scaling process when the stains are removed and teeth become smooth & shiny. A soft rubber cup has used that spins during the polishing process. A paste of Prophylaxis is used while spinning on the teeth. During the polishing process, the spray of water and air is used along with the sodium hydrogen carbonate powder. This helps to remove the soft debris and plaque layer from the teeth.

Are there any complications or risks during the scaling or polishing methods?

Although it is very beneficial for getting the treatment like scaling or polishing, there are some complications and risks involved in it.  Some of them are swollen gums, gum recession, sensitivity in the teeth, tender gums, and restrictions on eating some food. In some cases, the scraping process is also used for the removal of the deposits. After the completion of scaling and polishing treatment, the patient needs to take care for a few days.

Does it hurt during the scaling and polishing treatment process?

The experience of scaling and polishing is mostly painless for most people. However, some amount of sensation is experienced by the people. Also, some people with weaker gums may experience some pain. However, there is no harm while going through this treatment. Most people just experience some teeth sensitivity for a few weeks.

How often must a person do scaling and polishing?

Generally, the scaling and polishing are done after a period of about six months. However, this may not be true for all people, the oral health condition of each condition also matters a lot while going through this treatment. It is only the dentist who can suggest you properly for the appointment depending on your oral health condition. A preventive approach is a better way to keep teeth whiter and brighter for a longer duration.

Is it fine to do teeth whitening with bleeding gums?

Bleeding gums usually occurs when a person has gum disease like Gingivitis or Periodontitis. Most dentist in Mumbai prefer to do bleeding gums treatment before proceeding with the teeth whitening process.

What is the cost of teeth scaling and polishing in India?

Generally, the major factor that affects the cost of teeth scaling and polishing is the type of scaling or polishing opted by you.

The general cost of the treatment is listed below:

– Full mouth scaling and polishing – Rs.3,000/- onwards

– Deep scaling – Rs.10,000/- onwards

Apart from the above, the factors like caliber of the service provider, brand, location, and a few other factors also affect the cost of dental scaling and polishing.

For getting the whiter teeth visit the dentist quickly to get the scaling and polishing treatment. Teeth whitening are a better way to get whiter teeth that can boost your confidence.

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